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After disaster strikes in the USA and damage is assessed, cleanup is the common task that remains in every situation. Regardless of the event, whether hurricane, tornado, fire or flood, both natural and manmade disasters leave behind a load of work that must be completed to return buildings and communities to normal.

Disaster labor isn’t pretty. Mucking out requires dedicated crews unafraid of hard work and getting their hands dirty. Finding a sufficient local labor pool can prove difficult under ordinary circumstances. This problem is compounded when disaster strikes, potentially impacting an entire city’s resources.

The Solution

One Source supplies hard-working, dedicated, experienced disaster labor in an instant. We can provide the size crew your job requires, from two to 200. Regardless of size, even a team of two will have the same type of experience as a larger labor force, and familiarity with the type of cleanup required. We’ve handled hundreds of calls for help after disasters of all types.

Quick Response

Because disasters are often unexpected, response time is critical. We can often dispatch a crew within 24 hours to your location anywhere in the United States. We can and have supplied crews that show up on the worksite the next morning after a call.

Turnkey Service

We provide transportation to the location of the disaster and to and from the worksite daily until the job is complete. We also arrange for housing for the duration of the project. Our crew members show up ready to work, every day, until the work is complete.

Enjoy Instant Scalability

Our disaster labor service lends companies scalability. A disaster cleanup site might require hundreds of general laborers to supplement a local workforce or restoration company crew. Our general laborers can blend in with the regular workers, wearing your firm’s shirts or logos to create a seamless, united front.

Minimize training time

Our workers are familiar with the tasks and type of cleanup disaster sites require. As a dedicated crew, instructions or training can be delivered once and not have to be repeated as they would with the changing faces available from temp agencies.

Stay on Schedule

A reliable labor force allows foremen and work site supervisors to stay on schedule. Make sure you meet the timeline given to the insurance company. Avoid fines or penalties and get the work done on time or even ahead of schedule.

Build Your Reputation

Bid with confidence and build your firm’s reputation as a reliable restoration resource on a local, regional or national scale. We supply the disaster labor your firm needs when you need it, at any location in the country to complete cleanup on time.

The types of situations our workers commonly encounter and work performed can include:

  • Demolition (removal)
    • Waterlogged drywall
    • Carpets and floors
    • Ceiling tile
    • General debris
  • Mucking Out or Cleanup
    • Clearing out mud
    • Scrubbing smoke damage
    • Removing black soot
    • Detailed structural cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Mop, broom or brush
  • Mold remediation
  • Pack out

Your Answer to Disaster Labor

Working with One Source, your peace of mind is restored before the site cleanup even begins. When disaster strikes, hire your dedicated cleanup crew from One Source. Contact us today.

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