Skilled Recruiting

We at One Source Staffing & Labor provide skilled workers for a vast number of industries.

It’s a simple three-step process.

  • Build a Job Profile

    We meet with you, and together build a profile of the type of skilled employee you are looking for. This consists of skilled trade, years of experience, specific background or screening, start time and pay, and responsibilities and job description.

  • Place Ads

    We place our ads in various sources, utilize our extensive database and narrow down a list of prospective clients for you to review. We provide resumes of the clients that we think meet the criteria you are needing. After you have reviewed and eliminated the candidates that you feel don’t meet your needs, we then take the remaining candidates and set up the interview process.

  • Conduct Interviews

    Typically the interview process is done first by a phone call from us, where the candidate answers addition questions and provides any other information we need to select the best-qualified candidate for you. Our goal is to then set up 2–3 candidates for you to interview, in person.

That entire process is time-consuming, but the best part is that process is free to you until you decide to hire one of those candidates on a temp–permanent basis. Usually, our temp-permanent employees are on our payroll for 90–120 days on a trial basis for you and the candidate. After those hours have been performed in full, YOU, our client can hire them full time on your payroll, for no additional charge to you. If you feel, at any time, that the candidate just doesn’t meet the needs of what you were looking for, simply call us, and we will start the interviewing process over with new candidates. We also offer a hiring fee option, and in that option, you hire the employee directly and pay us a fee for doing so. A hire may occur before day 1 or before day 120.

Please call us and let One Source be your source for your skilled labor needs.