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If you’ve ever been the last person to leave a baseball game in a crowded stadium, you know how messy some spectators can be.

When games, concerts and other special events end crowds leave trash and disarray in their wake. The event coordinator or venue operator is left to clean up these messes and prepare for the next wave of ticketholders in places like Kansas City and Dallas.

We make that easy. Our event staffing cleanup teams can swoop in and make quick work of the job.

Given the unpredictable cleanup demands because of crowd sizes and activities, the size of One Source’s temporary teams fluctuate to meet your exact needs. You’ll get the general laborers you need to efficiently clean your space.

One Source Staffing and Labor is your go-to for clean up at professional stadiums, arenas and more. We provide staff to clean up after games, concerts, tournaments and other sizable gatherings

Using a One Source team means that your venue will be ready for your next event without the stress of finding and managing a crew. We cleanup so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Please call us and let us assist in making your next event clean up an incredible experience.

Contact us at one of our locations or fill out our contact form.

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