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You can count on One Source Staffing and Labor to meet your needs for everything from special events to disaster clean up. And if you’re looking for general labor jobs in the Houston, Texas area, we can match your interests with the right opportunities.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you build the right crew. And if you want a job, consider these types of positions. You’re in good hands with us; we’ve been hiring workers since 1998.


Through our CATSTAFF division, we can be on the scene of disasters. We clean up after floods, tornadoes, and damage from hurricanes. Demolition, mold remediation, deodorization, and HVAC cleaning are just some of the roles we handle.


General labor jobs in Houston often involve various construction roles. Our teams have been a key part of all that goes into new construction or remodels, including stores, warehouses, factories, apartments, and houses. We can support your core tradesmen by disposing of construction waste, keeping work sites clean.

Event Staffing

Thoroughness and speed are critical with clean up at stadiums and other arenas that are packed with fans of professional sports teams, bands and more. Our crews get facilities ready for the next event in the right way and on time.


When you need to keep your facility running smoothly, general labor is the answer. Our crews can handle many kinds of jobs to ensure that your customers get the quality parts and other products when they expect them.


Sometimes the demand exceeds your labor capacity. One Source workers can step into any number of roles with mail sorting, package assembly and more. We understand the importance of both speed and accuracy when it comes to fulfillment operations and production goals.

Contact us to learn how we can connect your Houston business with the right labor. If you need a job, reach out today so you can work for us.

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