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Finding the right people to fill general labor positions isn’t always easy. While these jobs may seem ordinary, staffing them can be challenging, especially when you’re under critical pressure to field a crew as soon as possible. Due to turnovers, no-shows, and walk-offs, keeping a project filled with general labor personnel – the key to getting things done on any job – can be a never-ending task.  

For construction contractors, event coordinators, manufacturers, disaster clean-up specialists, or fulfillment companies,  keeping up with general labor staffing needs can overwhelm internal HR departments, which are often chronically understaffed. 

Your One Source for general labor 

That’s why many businesses increasingly look to staffing agencies like One Source Staffing and Labor to fill their general labor positions. We’re the pros at finding, vetting, and onboarding general labor staff; we take care of all the red tape, enabling you to focus on the job. No fuss, no hassles. 

One Source offers services that go above and beyond typical hiring mills. For example, our disaster relief labor division is primed to help restoration contractors with clean-up and demolition projects after disaster strikes. It also undertakes HVAC cleaning, mold and water remediation, and deodorization.  

We go where you need us – Fast! 

Likewise, our traveling crews of general labor workers can go wherever you need them in the continental United States in as little as 24 hours. We handle their logistics, lodging, and transportation to and from the worksite, ensuring crews show up for work fresh, on time, and ready to tackle the job ahead.    

At the job site, you manage our general labor staff the way you would your employees. But you do not cover their unemployment insurance premiums, employer taxes, employee benefits, or have to deal with their onboarding details. We’ll do that. We’ll also manage their payroll – you only need to handle their hourly wages.   

Whether you need temporary extra help for seasonal spikes, disasters, or new short-term opportunities beyond your current operations, trust One Source to locate, vet, and deliver the general labor staff you need.  

To learn more about the general labor staffing offered by One Source, call (913) 361-7800 or contact us. 

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