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Manufacturers, warehouses, and other industrial players are always looking for hardworking temporary general labor. Whether caused by seasonal spikes, project ramp-ups, or other situations, locating, hiring, and onboarding additional temporary workers is a critical need among these companies.   

Your One Source for Unskilled Labor 

“These are unskilled labor jobs such as pick-and-pack positions in warehouses or maybe line operator positions in a manufacturing plant where you are hand-stacking or labeling boxes once they come off the end of the assembly line,” says Archie Toth, an EVP at One Source Labor and Staffing. “These jobs typically require minimal training. There might be a little bit of semi-skilled labor in there, like forklift operator positions, but the bulk of these jobs involve unskilled labor.” One Source is a recognized source of temporary industrial general labor where a typical assignment for a manufacturer or warehouse is 30 to 90 days. 

As Archie notes, traditionally, these positions are designed to be transitional jobs for people. “They enable you [the employee] to put good experience on your resume and can lead to full-time skilled positions. They are a gateway to industrial or manufacturing work.”  

Why Choose One Source? 

“I think it all comes down to trust,” says Archie.  “Based on our 20 years of experience in staffing and the experience companies have with our staff, who strive to give them best-in-class service, they trust us with their business. We work within the same sphere of experience they do, so, the kinds of employees they’re asking us to place are similar to employees they know we’ve placed at other manufacturing companies. We have a deep database of those people and a proven history of being able to recruit and find industrial general labor.”  

Beyond simply providing boots on the ground when a company needs them, One Source offers manufacturers other benefits. “You can essentially try the employee out in a temp-to-hire situation, to see if they fit with the organization – have the necessary skills and ability to learn the tasks – without the risk. The cost of a bad hire is significant: unemployment, administrative, and other costs. Another reason is seasonality. A client may have 100 people on their payroll to manufacture full-time, but there are times when that client needs 180 people to get the product out the door. They can’t afford to hire 80 more employees when they know they only need them for three to four months. If the client hires all 80 and then lay them off, there’s a huge expense to the company.”  

If on the other hand, they are One Source employees, once they are done at that company, One Source immediately works to find them jobs with other businesses. One Source’s flexible workforce helps clients manage their costs.  

Reducing the “hassle factor”   

One Source takes a lot of the hassle out of finding industrial general labor. “They don’t need to put all their resources into recruiting,” says Archie. “They don’t have to run job fairs or expand their human resources department to find and screen all these people. Companies can trust us to do the recruiting, find the right people, put them in place, and service the account. We’re always available to provide them with the best, most seamless service available. We are, in a way, an extension of their human resources department.” 

When you need general labor fast for production spikes, special projects or peak seasons – contact One Source.  

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