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When you need temporary workers, we can help. We make it easy to find general labor workers with the skills you want when you want them.

For more than two decades our company has successfully recruited, trained, deployed, and managed unskilled and semi–skilled workers in manufacturing, construction, cleanup and fulfillment throughout Kansas City, KS. We can find one person as a last-minute replacement or teams for long-term projects. Our broad staffing services can help you meet your deadlines and budgets. Or, if you’re looking for a job, we can find you a placement in a variety of disciplines.

Solar Field Labor Crews

The growth of solar power construction is expected to outpace that of other energy construction. That fuels a challenge finding the labor needed to install the solar fields. Stop struggling through labor shortages and let One Source Staffing & Labor supply hard-working, dedicated crews with experience installing commercial and utility-scale solar projects.

We can dispatch hard-working, traveling laborers to your Kansas City, KS, job site within 24 hours. Our flexible labor force can ensure your solar field installation will be completed on time with the level of skill and expertise required.

COVID-19 Cleaning Services

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the virus that causes COVID-19 can land on surfaces. Then, if people come into contact with those surfaces and touch their nose, mouth, or eyes they could become infected. While that risk is low, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces practically eliminates that possibility. Our workers respond quickly and carefully to handle janitorial services from a basic wipe down to an OSHA-compliant deep clean.


Construction workforce demand is hard to forecast. Contact us when you’re faced with a shortage of qualified, reliable workers. We will fill the gaps with skilled professionals or semi-skilled laborers to finish your project on time and on budget. Our workers have assisted on projects, including apartment buildings, homes, factories, warehouses, large department/retail stores, strip malls and tenant remodels. We have Kansas City, KS, crews ready to work for you.

Event Staffing

Every special event is unique. And so are the cleanup demands. We can build the cleanup crew you need for each situation. One Source Staffing and Labor is the go-to resource to clean up stadiums and entertainment venues in Kansas City. Our experienced team of laborers can handle grounds maintenance, trash cleanup and other janitorial challenges after any sporting event, concert, or special occasion. Using a One Source team means that your venue – large or small – will be ready for whatever comes next.


Manufacturers have always used employees to manage demand peaks, seasonal shifts, and new product lines. We make it easy to find those folks, so your plant can stay flexible and fully staffed. With our help, you’ll consistently meet production goals and keep your customers happy. We fill in the gaps with people who know that quality and performance matter. Our workers step in to keep your Kansas City production line running smoothly and on time.


Speed and accuracy are paramount in fulfillment operations. Our workers are primed to jump into your fulfillment operation with timing and precision in mind. We have placed workers in a variety of mail sorting, package assembly and fulfillment companies. These team members understand minimum thresholds of production for hours worked. We can conduct a time study and deliver on your goals. Ask us about our piecework project experience.


When fires, floods, hurricanes, or other disasters strikes, One Source can deploy the workers you need for cleanup. Crews from CATSTAFF, our restoration division, can travel the country assisting restoration contractors with cleanup, demolition, mold containment, fire cleaning, muck out and pack out projects. From residential basement floods to hotel fires, no job is too small or too large.

CATSTAFF experience includes demolition, mold remediation, document cleaning, content and structure cleaning and deodorization, HVAC cleaning, pack-outs and pack-ins, operation of scissor and boom lifts, scaffolding, forklift and bobcat operation, administrative assistance for large-scale emergency work, etc.

Traveling Crews

Whatever your temporary worker needs, One Source has the infrastructure to meet labor demands in Kansas City, KS and beyond. We arrange for the right traveling crews to be at your location and meet your work needs.

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