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According to IBISWorld, the almost $20 billion US solar power industry grew at over 19% annually between 2018 and 2023. Many believe it will achieve a similar trajectory in the future. That translates into a lot of solar panels to manufacture, assemble, and install.  

One Source excels at solar field installations 

When it comes to installing solar panels in solar fields, few temporary staffing companies have the experience and expertise of One Source Staffing and Labor. The brainchild of Archie Toth, an executive vice president at Labor Source, the parent company of One Source, the staffing company’s foray into solar field installations takes advantage of its unique strengths. “I had previous work experience staffing solar fields and when I came to One Source, I thought our traveling teams fit well for solar field development because a lot of those fields are in remote locations without access to large workforces. I believe we have a unique opportunity to service the solar industry.” 

The rationale for using temporary workers in the solar industry involves the need to ramp up in remote locations, says Archie. “Depending on the size of the field, they can need anywhere from 20 people to 400 people. On top of that, you need a flexible workforce since you won’t need 400 people every day. You can scale a temporary workforce down as necessary without having a negative impact on your business. A lot of these fields aren’t in cities, so you need to find ways to get employees into the location, and they could be there from three months to 18 months.” 

One Source Staffing and Labor is uniquely suited for staffing solar field projects because it can dispatch traveling work crews to any part of the U.S. Those traveling workers are then dedicated to the project until it’s complete.  

Seeking semi-skilled workers 

What kind of workers does One Source seek for solar field installations? “What we’re looking for is a solid general laborer with a good work ethic who has some mechanical aptitude because they will work with tools,” says Archie. “I would characterize them as semi-skilled workers because they need that mechanical aptitude. I look for people with previous construction industry experience; people who have worked in difficult conditions. You have to be able to deal with the elements before you can do the actual work.” 

The length of time crews are needed depends on the size and scope of the installation, says Archie. One site took 15 months to complete and used 500 workers; another needed 15 people for eight to 15 weeks. 

The One Source advantage 

The experience One Source has logged on solar field installations gives it a strong competitive edge over other staffing companies. “If you don’t have the experience, you don’t understand the variables you face, such as the weather, what the actual work is, and the logistics of traveling to and from the worksite. Once you’ve done it, you understand the things that need to be overcome, including how to screen and validate the employees to get the right candidate on the worksite and how to support them once they are there.”  

Contact us to learn more about the One Source advantage in solar field installation projects, or call 913-361-7800.  

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