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Despite the continued growth of solar power, one of the biggest challenges facing the industry is the labor required to install the solar fields themselves. Stop struggling through labor shortages and let One Source help. We can provide the experienced crew members you need for efficient solar field installation.

The Solution

One Source supplies hard-working, dedicated crews with experience installing commercial and utility scale solar projects anywhere in the country. Our responsive, traveling laborers are typically dispatched to your job site within 24 hours. Whether you need to scale up rapidly or evaluate your labor needs over time, our flexible labor force can ensure your solar field installation will be completed on time with the level of skill, expertise and professionalism required.

The Basics

We supply semi-skilled laborers who know how to work with hand tools and realize that hard work involves lifting, pulling and pushing heavy loads of up to 50 lbs. on a regular basis.

Our solar field installation crews arrive prepared to perform responsibilities such as:

  • Digging trenches
  • Mounting solar panels onto racks (racking)
  • Component assembly
  • Staging equipment
  • Skid operators
  • Lull operators
  • Pulling wires
  • Running conduit


Each site will be different and present its own set of unique challenges. However, our crews move from one commercial scale solar project to another. This gives them a depth of experience and familiarity with the work that cannot be duplicated using local labor from a temporary agency—if labor is even available in the area where the solar field will be installed.


We provide transportation to your location anywhere in the country, as well as transport to and from the worksite on a daily basis until the solar project is complete. We arrange for housing for the duration of the work. Our crew members show up ready every morning, until the work is complete.

This flexibility to supply a crew regardless of location is especially critical when building the infrastructure required for renewable, sustainable energy generation such as a solar field. Labor can be difficult to source, especially the amount of semi-skilled labor required for a commercial project in more remote/rural areas.

Minimize training time

The experience our workers arrive with means the foreman or crew boss can devote more time to organizing the workflow and managing the overall project, rather than continually retraining new faces.

Stay on Schedule

Our dedicated crew helps ensure you can meet installation deadlines. Being staffed effectively means you get the work done on time, or even ahead of schedule.

Your Answer to Commercial or Utility Scale Solar Field Installation

When looking to install or expand a commercial or utility scale solar field, hire a dedicated, experienced crew from One Source.

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