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Orlando has a unique staffing profile as one of the world’s most visited cities due to a combination of convention traffic, tourism, and major events. From general labor to concessions workers to banquet servers to housekeeping and janitorial staff, staffing Orlando is a big job. While Orlando is a bustling city, companies still struggle to find reliable people to power their businesses. 

The theme park capital of the world

Known as the world’s theme park capital, this growing city runs on general labor personnel. General labor pools are needed to meet the massive demand for light industrial, construction and event staffing jobs across the city. An even bigger challenge is quickly locating qualified, vetted, and experienced commercial restoration crews after a hurricane and other natural disaster.

That’s why Orlando businesses trust One Source Staffing and Labor to provide variable general labor. Need extra hands to staff a major event with little lead time? One Source is the number to call. We can mobilize work crews within 24 hours to keep you on schedule. Are you looking for qualified clean-up crews after a big storm blows through? Contact One Source; our CATSTAFF travel crews are experienced in disaster clean-up and restoration.

Hassle-free staffing Orlando

One Source offers hassle-free staffing whether your project is huge or small. We have a database filled with qualified workers ready at a moment’s notice to provide the labor power you need. Experienced, competent and ready, these workers can fill any immediate staffing gaps or long-term assignments.

Rest assured, all our people are fully vetted: we review their employment applications, interview them and check all their references before you even see them. From an HR perspective, they remain our employees, eliminating the red tape that usually accompanies hiring staff. You also avoid paying unemployment insurance premiums or employer taxes, and you’re not responsible for employee benefits.

We’re your best option when it comes to staffing Orlando with general labor workers and have the track record to prove it. Contact us to get the staffing support your business needs now.

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