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When natural disasters strike, local property remediation and restoration companies can struggle to find enough qualified people to meet quick spikes in demand. Whether in the depths of hurricane season, dealing with a twister’s aftermath, or maybe just cleaning up after a particularly severe storm system, remediation professionals often need help with storm clean-up staffing.

The Contractor’s Contractor

A local contractor company will likely face two significant problems when staffing up for storm clean up projects. First, it simply might not have enough staff to meet the outsized demands a major storm or hurricane imposes, forcing the company to miss project opportunities. Second, the local talent pool that is available is probably dealing with the same catastrophic circumstances from the storm that everyone else in the region faces and may not be available for immediate work.

In times like these, it makes sense for local companies to tap into the broad experience and resources of One Source Staffing and Labor to fill in the gaps. One Source has a division that specifically addresses disaster remediation and restoration contractor needs in times of crisis. Our CATSTAFF Travel Crews can provide disaster labor for clean-ups across the nation, providing experienced restoration laborers for contractors. The traveling crews have the experience, know-how, and capabilities to meet catastrophic staffing and labor demands on both the local and national levels.

CATSTAFF can do it all

CATSTAFF can gear up to assist contractors with large- scale commercial jobs –  from large factories to medical offices. One Source experience includes demolition, mold remediation, document cleaning, structure cleaning and deodorization, and HVAC cleaning. It can do “pack-outs” and “pack-ins” and personnel are trained to operate scissor and boom lifts, to work with scaffolding, and to use forklifts and bobcats. It can also provide administrative assistance for large-scale emergency work and has assisted customers with numerous emergency mitigation procedures.

One Source can often put boots on the ground within 24 hours anywhere in the United States. These experienced resources can hit the ground running and can readily blend in with your other laborers to provide a unified response. One Source will provide transportation to and from the disaster location until the job is complete. It also arranges for housing for the duration of the project – so crew members reliably show up ready to work, every day until the work is complete.

Learn more about the storm clean up staffing capabilities One Source offers by contacting us today!

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