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Finding available and reliable general or semi-skilled temporary workers is a challenge for many employers. But for businesses in super competitive, high-wage markets or those in remote, less populated areas – staffing can become a critical problem.  

We specialize in providing temporary general labor support for all types of industries. We can often deploy a travel crew to your job site anywhere in the continental United States within 24 hours. That travel crew is then dedicated to your assignment until they are no longer needed. Learn why One Source is your reliable temporary staffing partner no matter where the job is located:

We eliminate all the hassles.

We will review employment applications, interview job seekers and check references before we even introduce temporary workers to you.  Not only are we experts at screening new employees, we’re effective at keeping them. In fact, many of our workers have been with us for years.  We know them well, and they’ve proven themselves to be highly dependable.

Our travel crew is focused on you.

Every One Source travel crew is provided with lodging and transportation so ensure they are available, on time and ready to work each day. Your dependable travel crew is focused on your job until it’s done.

Our network is full of thousands of workers.

We have access to thousands of qualified laborers who are looking for temporary positions and ready to travel to your job site. We know you have strict deadlines and can quickly send qualified travel crews to your job site. 

We can help you cut your labor costs.

When a travel crew fills a temporary labor need for you, you’ll be able to manage that team as if they were your permanent hires.  The key difference is, when you chose us, you won’t pay unemployment insurance premiums or employer taxes, and you won’t be on the hook for employee benefits.  We’ll manage their payroll for you, and you’ll only need to cover their hourly wages.

Choose One Source Staffing and Labor

Since our agency was formed in 1998, we’ve successfully recruited, hired and trained thousands of temporary laborers to work in construction, manufacturing and retail positions throughout the country.  Reliable workers are in high demand, and we are experts at matching their skills with your requirements.  Each and every day, our employees help companies just like yours by filling unskilled and semi-skilled roles, including but not limited to:

  • Cleaning and maintenance 
  • Landscaping
  • Property restoration
  • Construction
  • Machine operators
  • Warehouse work
  • Event support

When you need a travel crew and you need it fast, please contact us.  Our trained and qualified employees can fill those temporary positions and get the work done! 

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