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What are unskilled labor jobs? They usually take a month or less to learn on the job and include positions like construction site cleanup workers, fast food employees, janitors, job site assistants, and line operators. Other unskilled positions include loaders and unloaders, parking lot and other attendants, retail or grocery clerks, trash removal personnel, and many other similar jobs.

While unskilled labor jobs may appear basic, they typically require “soft skills” such as a willingness to work hard and to see the job through to completion. Workers need various interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate well, work in team environments, follow directions, and problem-solve when required.

One Source is all you need

Contractors seeking qualified unskilled workers can rely on One Source Staffing and Labor for all their staffing needs. One Source has over 25 years of experience finding the best candidates for unskilled and semi-skilled labor jobs.

You can trust One Source to quickly deliver the general labor manufacturing, construction, and retail workers across America. Whether you’re seeking cleaning teams, construction workers, event staffing, manufacturing line workers, fulfillment people, restoration teams, or solar field labor crews, One Source is your solution. Our CATSTAFF restoration division can place teams wherever disaster strikes across America, to help remediation companies staff up quickly after fires, floods, hurricanes, and other catastrophes.

Taking the hassle out of hiring

One Source takes the hassle out of hiring. As expert screeners of new employees, we’re effective at keeping workers happy and on the job. Our database of talent provides access to hundreds of qualified candidates ready and able to work for you, and we ensure each candidate is fully qualified to meet your needs. We review employment applications, interview job seekers, and check references all before your temporary workers arrive on-site. We’ll also undertake drug testing, if necessary. We take care of all the red tape involved with bringing new people on board, which itself can be a challenge for overtaxed human resources departments.

If you’re looking for unskilled labor jobs, consider working for us. You can earn competitive starting wages with a strong potential for overtime. That allows you to work when and where you want to, and with more than 300 current customer accounts, our workforce is in high demand. You can stay close to home or sign up for a traveling crew to experience other parts of the country with minimal expenses.

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