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When the job’s too big for local clean-up crews to handle, restoration professionals often call on One Source Labor. We’re the ones that can put boots on the ground across America for clean-up projects that last several days or a few months.

One Source Labor Takes on the Bigger Jobs

One Source focuses primarily on industrial and commercial clean-up projects, which can range from cleaning mud out of a school after a flood to environmentally cleaning a chain of supermarkets. According to Archie Toth, Executive VP at One Source, clean-up crews can include twenty-plus employees. “If they only need two or three people, we’re probably not going to hear about it. It’s when the project is so large that it requires twelve, twenty, thirty or fifty people that the restoration companies call us.”

We Go Anywhere in the USA

For example, Archie mentioned one clean-up job in Arkansas. “It required twenty-plus people who, over two weeks, had to clear everything out of the store, scrub everything down, and put everything back.” Another case occurred at the beginning of the pandemic. “We did COVID cleaning for a large grocery store chain on the east coast,” says Archie. “That meant going into a different store every night, cleaning and sanitizing it and then moving on to the next location. Another case involved a fire on the ceiling of a manufacturing facility in Michigan where One Source had thirty or forty people working on high lifts to clean up everything.”

Restoration customers trust One Source Labor to deliver the help they need, when and where they need it. They know our crews turn up ready for the job. One Source Labor employees will be compliant with the latest Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations when they get there. That means our employees know the necessary hazard information and are equipped with all the relevant personal protective equipment (PPE), which can include half or full-face respirators and Tyveck® suits, depending on the situation.

Our Traveling Crews Make it Possible

What makes it possible for One Source to step in at a moment’s notice is our traveling clean-up crews – workers willing to travel to take on a new job at short notice. “We have workers who have months and years of experience doing this kind of work,” Archie says.

For over 20 years, One Source has been the trusted name in labor staffing, from clean-up crews to construction. Our customers look to us because we’re reliable, experienced, and deliver good results. Contact One Source Labor when you need a variable, general labor workforce.

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